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By leveraging the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, Claude or Gemini, we provide e-commerce and websites with a transformative AI customer service experience that significantly reduces customer service costs and saves time.

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Flexibility in Creating a Knowledge Base

Design your knowledge base exactly according to your needs. We offer four primary methods to quickly and easily populate your database:

  • Copy and Paste: Simply copy and paste your text contents into our system.
  • Web Scraping: Transfer content directly from your website with our efficient web scraping tool.
  • File Upload: Add your documents (PDF, Word, TXT) with a maximum size of up to 5MB.
  • For e-shops: Take advantage of uploading your Google Shopping XML product feed and integrate your products directly into the knowledge base.

This versatility ensures that you create your knowledge base exactly as you envision it. Use all the tools we offer and simplify your data management.

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Easy-to-Use Integration

Our platform offers a user-friendly integration that allows you to effortlessly integrate LiveChat chatbot with ChatGPT into your website.

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Hassle-free editing of your data

We offer a simple, intuitive process that allows you to manage and modify your data effortlessly. Streamlining the complexities of data management, it saves you time and reduces potential errors, enhancing the efficiency of your AI Chatbot customer service experience.

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Powerful AI Language Model

This feature significantly enhances your Chatbot capabilities, providing nuanced, contextually accurate responses that result in improved user interactions and satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

You can choose gpt-3.5, gpt-4 or even gpt 4o. We recommend gpt-3.5 - its fastest, cheapest and have space for a lot of tokens.

You can choose Claude 3 Opus, Sonnet or Haiku.

Yes, you can also try Gemini models from Google (Pro or Flash).

You have the freedom to select your preferred pricing option. Should you choose the option that involves using your own API keys, you will need to create these keys and integrate them into Chaterimo to ensure its proper functionality.

Our service, Chaterimo, integrates directly with Anthropic or OpenAI's advanced language model to provide high-quality chatbot services. Your AI API key allows us to establish this direct connection with Anthropic or OpenAI's servers.

The reason we require your API key in our paid programs is threefold:

  • Fair Usage Billing: With your own Anthropic or OpenAI API key, you are billed directly by Anthropic or OpenAI for the exact number of prompts your chatbot uses. This ensures you only pay for your actual usage.
  • Avoiding Rate Limits: Each user having their unique API key means that the chatbot service isn't limited by a shared rate limit. This ensures uninterrupted service as usage is dependent on your individual API key, and not affected by other users' activities.

Please note, there is a separate monthly fee for using Chaterimo's platform. This fee is for the features, tools, and services we provide on top of Anthropic/OpenAI's core language model capabilities.

We prioritize the security and privacy of your data. Your API key is stored securely, hashed after saving, and is strictly used for communicating with the AI servers for the purposes outlined above. It is not used for any other purposes, nor is it shared with any third parties.

Yes, in paid Advanced + Masterful subscription plans, you can create multiple chat-widgets. These chat-widgets can have completely different appearances, for example initial messages in different languages. They can also have different roles and ChatGPT model/chat temperature, etc.

It is easy to get started with Chaterimo! Here is how you can add content to your knowledge-base:

  • Simple Text: Just copy and paste your desired text directly.
  • Web Content: You can easily grab content from a website. Whether it's just one web page or multiple pages with all their linked content, we've got you covered.
  • File Upload: Have a document? No worries! You can upload Word documents, PDFs, or plain text files. Just make sure they're under 5MB.
  • For Merchants: If you're using Google Shopping, you can directly upload your XML product feed.

OpenAI emphasizes that data and files passed to the OpenAI API are never used to train their models and can be deleted at the user's discretion. This means you have complete control over your data. If you wish to delete all your data uploaded to Chaterimo, you can do so through the Chaterimo administration interface.

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