AI Customer Service for E-commerce and Websites: Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Costs

In recent years, there has been significant development in the field of AI and chatbots. Initially, chatbots were perceived as simple tools with limited capabilities, suitable only for basic inquiries. However, as artificial intelligence technology evolved rapidly, it led to the creation of advanced chatbots and voicebots.

Currently, these modern systems (such as large language models like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Anthropic's ClaudeAI) now possess deep learning capabilities, natural language processing, and advanced data analysis, enabling them to handle complex tasks.

Large language models can now communicate at a human level and quickly extract the most important points from documentation or even write the documentation directly. This leads to another effective use - personalization of customer communication.

Elevate Your Customer Service with AI customer service: Harness the Power of ChatGPT

Overcoming Stereotypes and Expectations: Modern AI and Chatbots

In the past, chatbots were often seen as limited tools, suitable only for simple queries and incapable of handling more complex tasks. For example, they could not respond in the correct style or case to a user's question, which often resulted in a poorer customer care experience.

This stereotype has been overcome thanks to advanced developmental steps in artificial intelligence, especially with the introduction of large language models. Today's AI and chatbots are capable of much more than just passively answering basic questions. Thanks to the integration of advanced technologies like machine learning and natural language processing, they can now conduct complex dialogues, understand the nuances of human language, and even identify and respond to users' specific needs.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase

One of the main advantages of AI and chatbots is their ability to automate routine and time-consuming tasks. This includes answering frequent customer queries and processing common requests. In this way, companies can save hours of their employees' work, which can be used for more complex and valuable activities.

All AI needs to know is exactly what to answer your clients. For this purpose, a knowledge base in Chaterimo is used, where an e-shop or website uploads its data (such as XML feed of products, business conditions, description of its services including price lists, or its FAQ pages). AI reads this and answers visitors' queries based solely on this data. Thus, it won't happen that AI recommends, for example, competitor services or products - it responds based on your data. These data can be edited, updated, and further expanded to make your web customer service more efficient.

Screenshot ot knowledge base of Chaterimo chatbot platform

The cost of AI Chatbot in customer care is minimal (from 10 € per month) compared to full-time employees answering queries on LiveChat.

Proactive Recommendations for Customers: The Role of AI in Increasing Conversions

In the digital business environment, it is not enough to only respond to direct inquiries from customers. Proactive engagement and personalized recommendations have become key to strengthening customer relationships and increasing sales conversions. AI plays a crucial role here, as it enables companies not only to respond to customers' needs but also to actively anticipate them and offer relevant solutions and products.

AI can also proactively supplement answers with special offers, such as discount coupons or free shipping, to encourage customers to complete a purchase. On Chaterimo, it is enough to describe such actions in the knowledge base and set instructions in Chat settings so that AI recommends active discount promotions.

Proactive engagement and personalized recommendations not only increase the chances of completing a purchase but can also lead to an increase in the total value of the order. For example, AI can suggest related products or accessories that complement the customer's interests.

Integration of Shoptet and Upgates with Chaterimo

Integration of Facebook with Chaterimo

Improving Social Interaction: Linking Chaterimo with a Facebook page opens new possibilities for communication with customers on social networks. The chatbot can automatically respond to inquiries sent through the e-shop's Facebook pages, ensuring a quick and consistent response regardless of time or human staff workload.

Future Development of Integrations

Aiming for Innovation: Chaterimo continuously seeks opportunities to expand its integrations and bring more innovative solutions for customer service. Future expansions may include additional e-commerce platforms, social networks, or even integration tools for personalized marketing and analytics. The goal is to provide e-shops and websites with even more tools for efficient and interactive customer care.

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